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Flug zeug SLEEVE for iPad

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FZ 201

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Flug zeug SLEEVE is made from authentic life jackets from airplanes. Pulling the strap will elegantly slide your device out of the sleeve allowing the inside microfibre lining to simultaneously clean your device's surface/screen. Each piece is elaborately handmade in Vienna and is absolutely unique.

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Flug zeug SLEEVE is well travelled and a platinum-frequent flyer. It will instantly turn you into an frequent flyer miles millionaire. The unique sleeves are made from life jackets, that have been withdrawn from service aboard airplanes. Flug zeug SLEEVE for iPad is suitable for all iPads (except iPad mini).

Upcycling does not need to be a compromise: The nylon fabric of life jackets does not only impress with its striking looks but also with the way it feels and is perfect for use in accessories. Given their original purpose, the Flug zeug gadget sleeves obviously have water repellent properties. As the life jackets used for their materials have been withdrawn from service without ever having been inflated, the material is clean - despite being recycled. There is no need to waste resources (water, energy, etc.) for cleaning.

Your precious iPad will not experience any turbulence on its way out of the sleeve, when you safely pull the straps. In doing so, the integrated cleaning properties of the inside microfibre lining will clean the screen of your favourite device.

Each piece is absolutely unique and features printed illustrations and texts of the original life jacket. Your personal model may therefore differ from the one displayed here (e.g. it will feature a different illustration, depending on which part of the life jacket it was made of. But we ensure that each piece comes with some illustrations/texts. Each individual Flug zeug SLEEVE is elaborately handmade in Vienna.

  • Colour "signal yellow" (colour deviations due to different age of life jackets possible)
  • Fits iPad
  • Fabric Nylon taken from decommissioned life vests from airplanes featuring original prints
  • Lining Microfibre
  • Details Strap and tags from decommissioned life jackets
  • Pull mechanism By pulling the strap with the "Pull"-tag, the device slides out of the sleeve.
  • Cleaning mechanism Each time the device is pulled out of the sleeve the microfibre fabric of the inside lining will clean the screen.